Saturday, April 08, 2006

What a day!

Today my mom moved into her own apartment. It is a seniors home, not assistant, just adult apartments. She was supposed to move in Dec, but this did not happen. Been waiting for the CO (certificate of occupancy, something the city gives out after inspecting the place to make sure it is livable) for 4 months. So today was move in day. I am amazed that they got a CO, some much crap everywhere. I started at about 9am putting stuff into the truck. Had the teenage step-son give me a hand and we got the bed in and some boxes, but he had to eat. Oh I forgot, it rained all day, nasty cold rain. Than some friends showed up and we finished up in about an hour and 45 minutes. She moved in ok, but we were wet and cold.

My step-daughter is having a party with some friend, so much fun. I am staying in my room until tomorrow. They are very strange creatures.

Came home after the move and wanted a nice warm shower. The hot water heater has not worked all day. Played with it for about an hour and it started to work. Waited another hour and finally took a shower.

Than I went to feed my turtles. We bought two turtles about 6 months ago. One grew and the other one didn't. The little one died today.

On top of that my step-daughter bought home a baby squirrel. The mother died so she brought the baby home. Of course Mrs. Hatetaxes is loving the little thing. I suggested giving it to the neighbor hood hawk but I was voted down.

One of our dogs must have been upset at me mom leaving, so he pooped on the carpet. That was ok because one of the girls here for my step-daughters party was playing around in rolled in it.

Oh one more thing. I called my children and the ex answered, she does that about once every six months. Not only that, she had my son call me back to say good night, that is the first time in about 2 years.

The planets are aligned very strangely tonight.

Now I am going to do some school work while drinking some Jamaican Rum Cream. Should get an A out of this class.
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