Wednesday, March 22, 2006

NJ taxes

NJ is the only state in the immediate area that has a deficit. $4 BILLIONS!!
This took 3 administrations, one liberal Republican (Whitman) and two liberal Democrats (Florio and McGreevey). They (politicians) borrow money and spend more.

As an example, we have the Department of Transportation (DOT) that runs a bunch of non-transportation money making (losing) entities, such as the Meadowlands Arena, the Garden State Art Center and other pseudo-government corporations. The DOT borrowed $6 BILLION a few years back to refinance some money and get more money because the interest rates were so low. The money was borrowed without having the consent of the people by ballot, which is in the NJ Constitution. The NJ Supreme Court stated, that yes it was illegal but you can do it this one time. What the HELL does that mean?????????

The numbers below show the case. The $4.039 Billion is increase in spending. The $1.429 Billion is decrease in spending, the $2.609 Billion is the net increase in spending. We have a $4 BILLION deficit and we are increasing spending? They are raising the sales tax, what the sales tax will tax, income tax and every fee and hidden tax.

GRAND TOTAL $ 4,029.009 $(1,419.807) $ 2,609.202 (in $ Millions)
NJ 2006 Budget Do not read this link, it is boring lies and crap, just wanted everyone to know that I did not make these numbers up myself.

Oh here is an idea, SPEND LESS MONEY. Fire the damn cronies you hire that are less productive than my Labs.

What really burns my toast is that the citizens of this state keep voting for the same jack asses over and over again. Why don't these dumb ass voters realize that the people they voted for and campaigned for are laughing at them. Don't they see or care about every time one of their boys (or girls) votes themselves another raise, or gives their family member a job making $120,000/yr and not even showing up, or hold 3 or 4 government jobs, or sells their vote to the highest bidder. I blame the voters and not the politicians. I expect politicians to be what they are. In the movie "The Hunt for Red October" there is a guy who is part of the administration and he wants the main character to risk his life. He states, "I am a politician, which makes me a thief and a liar, if I am not kissing babies I am stealing their lollipops." That is a politician.

I will continue to scream and argue that the two parties are actual one disguised to fool the masses. Every once in a while a true person becomes a politician but that person has to fight their own party more than the opposing party, an example is Ron Paul from Texas. The Republicans spend more money in the primary trying to defeat him than the Democrats do in the election, go figure!

The only conclusion I can come up with is that the average person is an idiot or a masochist who would just as much enjoy a hot poker in the eye.
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