Tuesday, March 21, 2006

First Real Blog

Why I am spending time doing this I do not know. I have work to do, school, family.... But so does everyone else. I am pissed and happy about so may things, there is a need to write them down.
I am happy because I have a nice life, loving wife, great family and a place to call home. My job is interesting though hectic and I think people respect me, or at least fear me for some strange reason. I have blogged with some really nice people on here and thought what the hell, maybe I should put my two cents in. They will not be as often an Chromed Curves or as funny as Deaths Door but who cares.
I am pissed because I have a psychotic ex. Sure some of you are thinking that maybe the psycho is me, but after you read some of the crazy stories you may change your mind.
The crazies are running the asylum and we keep voting them in. I pay taxes so some politician's kid, wife, brother, uncle, girlfriend...... can get overpaid to do NOTHING!!

Thanks BigDaddy2x4 for your help.
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