Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just open the flood gates!

People in general should think before they write. Some should think a long, long time. This idiot JUAN SANTOS, I like that word, states that a law in the Senate to make being an illegal immigrant a felony is like the Nazis putting Stars on Jews. I understand that this socialist pig liberal dumb son of bitch has a personal stake in the game. But so does every single legal immigrant.

Illegal aliens are stealing money from us. How? By taking tax dollars that are meant for citizens in the form of hospital costs, school education and welfare and on top of that they pay no taxes what so ever so we get to cover all the costs. Yes they can get these things and not get kicked out of the country. There are other financial burdens they put on us, increase police and border control, violent crime and insurance fraud.

Entering a country illegally is a serious crime everywhere in the world. Try going to North or South Korea without permission. Try going to any Arab country without being invited. Most intelligent people in all the other countries know that illegal immigration is a drain on the country and is not allowed. Only in this country is there a debate.

But than our President wants to give the millions of illegal immigrants that are now in this country an Amnesty. In other words, for all those stupid legal immigrants who went through the entire maze of regulations and tests, boy are you a bunch of dumb asses.

It is time, way past the time, to make illegal immigration a serious crime. While we are at it how about making it a felony to; hire an illegal, not report an illegal, harbor an illegal, help an illegal come into the country, give them any medical service and not report them and so on and so on. This country is at war with a vicious enemy that will use any method, proven by past and present deeds, to harm us. Yet we continue to allow the borders to be wide open and we do not punish the people who flaunt our laws and borders.

Now; comparing people who are not being murdered by the millions with a group of people who where murdered by the millions, including 4 million children, is pathetic and sick. If this guy is too self absorbed to see the difference than maybe he should write cook books instead of attempting to be a political commentator.

The stupidity of the sheeple continues.
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