Monday, April 17, 2006

Income Taxes

Today is a sad day. Our federal and state income taxes are due. But this is a misnomer.

We pay taxes each week into the slosh fund of the federal government in these United States. If you do not have enough money taken out for the government slosh fund you get penalized. Even if you pay all your taxes on April 15th, I think loan sharks use this method as well.

We pay taxes on income if we work for corporations. Of course that money that we are getting paid has already been taxed at the corporate level so we pay twice.

We pay taxes on state income tax refunds, another double tax since we were taxed for that the year before.

In the late 18th century, when the western world was fighting monarchs the citizens of the 13 colonies paid on average about 6% tax. Today we pay 20% direct income tax.

The size of the dependency deduction originally was about $500 in the ‘50s. Today if that figure had kept up with inflation it should be about $10,000. It is not.

The IRS can go through your personal records without a warrant. So much for the 5th amendment.

IRS agents carry guns!! This should really scare you. Why is this bad? Because the US government has a “police force.” No not the FBI, we can talk about that some other time. They are called the US Federal Marshall office. Need to arrest someone, call them.

Deductions for health have to be over 7% of your income and business related expenses have to be over 2% of your income. Why is there a threshold for medical expenses?

There are two distinct problems with taxes in this country. One is that the federal government is WAY, WAY too big. It has its nose in every nock and cranny.
Why is there a federally run Export/Import bank.
Why is there a federally run Department of Education
Why is there a federal Department of Indian Affairs?
We can go through the list of government offices and departments that were never intended to be. Our Constitution is very clear in that it was made to narrow the scope of the federal government. That is why we have state governments.

Want to know how much the people we elect care about us, each Congressman and woman gets paid about $135,000 per year. They have money for staff and expenses that exceeds a million a year. I have read that in 1991 Congressional expense spending (money used for and by members of Congress and their staff) was $650,000,000.00. That should piss everyone off, I am pissed.

The other issue is why is income taxed at all? You really need to tax something, tax expenses. I know some people are against this but the real plus to this is that if you need to control your expenses you spend less thereby saving on taxes. The rich spend money and would continue to pay taxes. We would not need a huge invasive federal bureaucracy that each and ever one of us are scared of. Admit it; you are scared of the IRS. You, as an honest citizen should never be scared of your government. When you are there is a serious issue that needs to be corrected.
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