Thursday, April 27, 2006

2nd Amendment

The NJ state government is working on a bill that would ban gun ownership in the state. Basically the bill is trying to prohibit the ownership of guns. Legal gun ownership and a connection to crime is one of the biggest misnomers we have in this country. Where there is more restriction on gun ownership there is more crime. The fact is that while we, the law abiding citizenship will follow laws (no matter how stupid), the criminals never follow laws. So taking away guns from us does nothing but make us better targets. Is we look at DC, LA and NY city we can see that as the gun restrictions increased the rate of violent crime also went up. In Australia and England the same is true. We do not hear about it in the news but after these countries passed laws that removed the right of individuals to own guns the violent crime rate rocketed. I have heard of an increase of over 100% in violent crimes.

Owning a gun does not make a person a nut or dangerous. The revolutionary war was started because the British were going to Concord to confiscate the local armory. The Nazis and the Communists both confiscated guns as soon as they got into power. When governments want to control something like individual defense we should be worried. In this country it has been determined, through numerous court cases that the police do not have an obligation to protect or save anyone. That they do is great but we are told we are on our own. Then the elected government turns around and takes the best defense away. The reason given is because so much crime is done with guns. But the vast majority of law abiding citizens do not use their guns in crimes. Criminals already flaunt the laws and use guns. If the legislature really wanted to do something about crime they could come down hard on those who use guns. I do not mean add 5 years to the sentence because the criminal used a gun. If you have a gun while committing a crime but do not use it or show it, that is an added 10 years. If you show the gun while committing a crime, add 15 years. If you fire a gun while committing a crime add 25 years. If you injury someone with a gun while committing a crime add 30 years. If you kill someone with a gun while committing a crime, you do not get out of jail until dead.

We hear from the anti-gun people and celebrities that we should not have guns. But these same celebrities hire body guards who carry guns. I remember one time Rosie O’Donnell state that she is against guns and gun owners. Someone brought up the fact that she hired body guards to protect her and her little girl and wasn’t she being hypocritical. She basically stated that this was a private issue and she had to protect her child. No kidding it is a private issue and you have to protect your child. It is also a private issue that each one of us also demands and we also demand that we have a right to have a weapon to do that defending.

For the record the 2nd amendment in the bill of rights, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” was written to mean you and I, this is not a state right, this is an individual right. The first eight amendments are all directly related to restricting the Federal Governments power over the people. These have been abused; the eminent domain ruling is an example of abuse. But we the people are the last arbitrators of the law. We elect people whose job is to follow the Constitution and do what we want. We need to stand up and demand that our elected officials behave and vote in an ethical, Constitutional way.

When we give up all of our rights for security, we will end up with neither. Paraphrased from Ben Franklin.
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