Friday, December 15, 2006

The picture is for Greg if he happens to come by.

Some more irritating people in the world, other than my bitch ex. And some really great human beings, you choice who is who.

In Bulo Burto, Somalia if you do not pray five times a day you will be beheaded. Interesting motivation factor. Might work better than your soul will go to hell if you do not pray or that you will not find happiness if you don't pray or you will get all the riches you deserve if you do pray. This is much more direct, you don't pray five times every day, you lose your head.

Than again in Toronto Canada they seemed to have found another way of helping humans. It would seem that two doctors were looking at a new way to deal with diabetes and they realized that diabetes had a lot in common with MS. I will not pretend to understand this. But most doctors and scientist are looking at the immune system and the pancreas for answers. These two gentlemen decided that maybe they should look at the nerve tissues. The short of it is that they looked at the nerve tissue and realized that the nerves around the pancreas of diabetic mice was different than healthy ones. So they did some doctor magic and behold the diabetes disappeared. They have not started to test this on humans but that will start soon.

So I ask you, who would you want in your neighborhood?? The guys who are helping human beings by beheading them of not praying five times a day or the guys who are working towards defeating a crippling disease that causes children and adults to suffer in pain until dead.

Take your time, votes are being counted.
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