Sunday, June 18, 2006

Time with the kids

For those fathers out there like me that have to wait weeks to read a story to their children at bed time or can go for days without a hello or the chance to say I love you, this was our day too.

I spent time with my daughter who is 9 and smart and my son who is 7 and bounces off the walls. My daughter has a couple of friends in the neighborhood so she usually has a good time, but there are no boys my son’s age, at least we have not found any.

My daughter went down the street and around the block by herself for the first time. Yes I am paranoid. But of course there was no problems. She visited a couple of younger girls, she like to think she is a mature older girl. She had a good time and I am always happy when she is with friends.

My son and I played video games, watched game show network (he is addicted) and we played rough house. He loves to watch me play video games. We play Spyro, Robots and a new one, Over the Hedge. Not sure about Over the Hedge yet. We watched Match Game, remember that, Lingo and a few others. These shows are a lot better than cartoons so I have no complaints. While we were rough housing he almost killed me, ok maybe he only came close to breaking a couple of bones. He is a little guy but he can actually do a flying drop kick, and he does it often. Usually I catch his feet but today he tagged me twice, once in the ribs and once in the arm.

The really great thing is that my wife, not the mother, is so wonderful she never says a word about the rough housing. She really enjoys the time I have with the children. I adore her.

I wrote some feelings about the legal system, I think I will leave it out. This was a good day and I want to end it on a good note and with good memories.

Thanks LL for the post.
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