Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Our Government at Work

Not only is our government not doing anything serious about the open borders, but now they are helping the illegal aliens coming across. This is a Republican administration.

We are at war with terrorist who are trying to slip a nuclear bomb into this county. We do not control our borders. We have Mexicans shooting at border patrol agents. We have drug runners and murderers coming across in droves.

When a volunteer group of brave Americans try to do something about it this government hinders them at every turn. The people of this country really need to wake up and realize that we need people in the government that work for us. Can anyone out there give me a count on the number of elected federal officials who actually give a shit about our Constitution and not padding their wallet? We have to throw all these bastards and bitches out. All they do is hinder us at every turn. Now they are putting brave American lives at risk.
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