Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Global Warming?

There is so much talk about Global Warming that it is confusing to figure out what is true and what is garbage. I tend to fall on the side of non-alarmist. The talk about 1 degree increase over a decade may sound dangerous, but what is the change over 1000 years? I do not have the answers but I am always weary of people pushing for us to completely stop civilization advancement because of what might be happening. Of course there are some people who think they know what is best for us and do not have any difficulty telling us, such as Al Gore. But as the article states at least he is giving climate scientists a good laugh.

These people need to stop trying to alter the way we live until they can prove their point. Not by fear, but by true science. I am all for the stopping the use of CF (old air conditioning chemical) because chemical scientist have studied the effects this chemical has on the chemicals in the atmosphere and understand the consequences. But that is not true for all that is being said. Before we make up our mind about what we are going to do about global warming we should know if it is true or not.
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