Monday, June 26, 2006

Always protesting here

Any rational person should know the use of nuclear weapons is stupid at best and mass murder on any normal scale. That being stated, we, the USA, have reduced the number of nuclear weapons in this country through treaties and because of the common sense notion that it cost a hell of a lot of money to keep something on alert with this much overkill. But I do not believe we are in the position to completely dismantle all that we have and change our swords into plowshares just yet. Nuclear weapons are a deterrent to any foolish megalomaniac that thinks about attacking us with any type of weapon of mass destruction. I do not know if the deterrent works or not. I know we have not been attacked since nuclear weapons have been developed.
Over the years I have always been bewildered by those who protest against the US for one reason or another while not saying a word about the governments out in the world that make it their policy to cause hate, discontent and spread violence and death like we spread aid after a earthquake. Here we have a few clowns, and I mean clowns, who find it an important statement to pound on the lid of a 110 ton door of a US Minuteman missile silo. First you could smash a plane into this and I doubt you would scratch the paint. But I do not see these same good hearted folks standing outside the North Korean, Iranian or any other murderous regime's official building in UN land (NY city) protesting those countries move to nuclear weapons or treatment of their own citizens.
I would like to see nuclear weapons made useless, but I know the human race is not capable of becoming one big love in. There are those who hate us because we are not like them, no other reason. And the only deterrent we have against these crazy people is the knowledge that if they try to wipe out our cities and kill thousands of us we will hit them so hard that it will be 5000 years before than can even drink the water again.
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